Tuesday, November 3, 2015

All souls day

All souls day was celebrated yesterday in Pondicherry. Here are the photos taken by me

French cemetery in Pondicherry

Yesterday, I had gone for 'All Souls Day' celebrated at Uppalam French Cemetry in Pondicherry. There I took  photos of many Cemeteries.  I want to share my thoughts with you.

marie jeanne loudea

Marie Jeanne Loudea 1723-1785
Here lies
 Marie Jeanne Loudea 
born at Brest in France the 10th August 
1723.  lived near those 
Groiselle Consaucons 
of Chandernagore in 
those White capital
and Arm  in there 
of the Dumont Resident 
for French Nationals 
died in 26th September
1785 at 9 in the evening.

Guy Freeman

Guy Freeman

here lies 
Henri Freeman born in 15-7-32 died in 10-9-38 
Guy Freeman born in 27-11-39
died the same day
I am alive although my immortal 
glorious falls within the scope too 
cruel image or the final home of 
my body remains deposited the 
sacrifice holy place for my parents
I watch over you. Dry you tears
by thinking about this little soul

This grave tells us that two children of Freeman Family died at very young age. The Parents of these children must have been at great sorrow as their two children had died at a young age.

jean elie lalung bonnaire

Jean elie lalung bonnaire

Here lies
Jean Elie Lalung Bonnaire
Treasurer of French Establishment in India
born in La Martinique

He was the treasurer of French Establishment in India . He was born in an island near south america in La Marinique. 

These colonial graves were very old. I did not take more pictures of it but have a look at it.

Louise Aimee Lestache
Louise Aimee Lestache
to the memory of 
Louise Aimee Lestache
Wife of Ramsay Sladen of the 
Honourable Medical Companys Establishment 
who departed this life on the 20th september 1816
aged 18 years 9 months and 2 days ( ' i can feel his LOVE ')
to their infant Son
Charles William Sladen
who died on the 10th December 1816
aged 2 months and 21 days 

This man's wife died at a very young age of 18 and she left her newly born son of 2 months old who also died after her.  Ramsay Sladen worked in Honourable Medical Company Establishment.

' I cannot find any detail about Honourable Medical Company in Google '

Prudent-Louis Francois Allix

Here lies
Prudent Louis Francois Allix
Pharmacist born on 15th august 1784
died on 19th april 1885 

Good father, good husband, sincere friend 
for his philanthropic work which acquired him
Regretted by all persons by whom he was known
( 'this translation has some mistakes.  please forgive me' )

Joseph Feray
Joseph Feray

Here lies
Joseph Feray
Chief clerk of the Appeal Court 
of Hanoi
born at Pondicherry on 14th july 1879
died at Pondicherry on 23rd january 1937
husband and dear father high on the eve of those 
you have so much love for us 

Elizabeth Jane Morritt
Elizabeth Jane Morritt
 is the beloved wife of Sergeant George Morritt 
D battery 6th Brigade of 
who departed this life
 in Pondicherry
 ' probably ' she died in 1803

William Cruickshanks Hobbs
William Cruickshanks was on board S.S Dupleix when it was struck by torpedo 25th February 1942.

S.S. Dupleix