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Police Canteen in Pondicherry

Tourists visit pondicherry primarily because it is cheap and best tourist destination in south India with antique French style Buildings, Roads, Monuments and French speaking people. In the last 8 years, many star hotels and restaurants were built due to the good efforts of Congress Government in promoting Tourism in Pondicherry by giving free loan upto Rs. 2 crore for Newly built star hotels to establish many star hotels for tourists visiting Pondicherry. The star hotels and restaurants are O.K for high budget tourists But small budget tourists suffer a lot .

So I like to point out some Restaurants where cost of eating is cheap and the recipes tastes richer than hotels and restaurants.

 Its functions from 8 A.M to 2 P.M and from 3 P.M to 7 P.M

    From the name 'Police Canteen' you can understand that it is primarily established for the cops to eat there is very less price.
Cabbage Bonda Rs. 2 each

Lemon Rice Rs. 10
Curd Rice Rs. 10
Though the food items are extremely cheap, they are prepared in good hygienic condition and served inside a building with FAN, MINERAL WATER.
I recommend you to have a visit. Police canteen is present in Romain Rolland Street in the premises of Police Head Quarters , Pondicherry. It is present opposite to La Maison Rose.

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Pondicherry Botanical Garden

George (Georges Guerrard) Samuel Perrottet (1793 – January 3, 1870) was a Swiss-born, French botanist and horticulturalist who was a native of Vully, canton Vaud

G.S. Perrottet is the founder of Botanical Garden at Pondicherry in India. The Botanical Gardens were laid out in 1826 in the ornate French style, with pruned trees, beautiful flower beds and gravel lined paths and fountains.

G.S. Perrottet and his associates introduced many exotic plants from all over the world, many of which thrived. With over 1500 species of plants, this could actually qualify as one of the best botanical gardens in South India.

G.S Perrottet memorial in Botanical Garden

G.S Perrottet (Founder of  this Garden)

To know more about him visit G.S. Perrottet and

The gardens also have a musical fountain which is active over the weekends, with two shows in the evening. Check for timings and the frequency of the shows as they may change depending on the season.

An Aquarium is present in the entrance of the Botanical Garden. It consists of colourful fishes from across the world. Entry fee of Rs. 2 is collected and Rs.10 is collected for taking photos.

Botanical Garden has a Toy Train to have a joyful ride around the garden, you can have a glance of the whole garden.

Toy Train in Botanical Garden

To have a ride in Toy Train, Rs. 10 for Adult and Rs.5 for Children.

The Hollywood film Life of Pi's starting scenes were taken in Botanical garden at Pondicherry.
Botanical Garden Entrance as seen in Life of Pi

Thane Cyclone made several trees which are more than 150 years old to be uprooted. Several trees felt down and the garden lost many of its exotic species of trees.According to a survey, due to the devastation of Thane cyclone, as many as 300 trees (some were more than 150 years old) were uprooted.

Cyclone Thane came at the end of 2011 and left the garden by uprooting many old huge trees. 

officials planting trees

The Officials maintaining the garden took good effort to plant many trees and in 2014 the garden is looking good now.

You can surely give time a break in Botanical Garden. I recently visited this place so i recommend it.

Republic Day Celebration 2014 in Pondicherry

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Petit Seminaire School (Primary Section) in Pondicherry

Petit Seminaire Higher Secondary School (Primary Section) is located at Uppalam  in Pondicherry. 
The Primary Section educates children from L.G.K to 5th Standard. The School functions from 8.45 a.m to 3.00 p.m in primary section.

The Sports activities are conducted after 3 P.M.The Primary section consists of a big play ground. 
The Students of primary section are allocated P.T (personal trainers) for Outdoor games like FOOTBALL , TENNIS, KARATE, BASKETBALL and Indoor games like TABLE TENNIS, CHESS, YOGA

The Administration collect Rs. 300 to Rs. 500 for joining the various sports activities in the school during the beginning of an academic year.

There is also classes conducted for General Knowledge and General English(Spoken English).
The Science Exhibition are conducted every year in primary section level and various Co-curricular activities are conducted in the school.

Science Olympiad apptitude test is conducted every in primary section.

Play ground

The School uniform is White Shirt and Grey colour short trouser

School children playing football in play ground

Petit Seminaire Primary Section in google map